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As you may or may not know, Alice’s Breaking Dawn: Part II battle boots were spotted on Coolspotters, listed as the brown version of LD Tuttle’s The Weave combat boots. Or are they? Stacy, one of my Alice partners in crime, has her own theory…


So, ever since I joined the admin team over at the Alice Cullen Costuming Facebook page, Vee, and Anna and I have been trying to determine what boots Alice wears for the Breaking Dawn battle. It’s actually proven to be one of the hardest items to find, since there are so few quality still shots of the lower half of that outfit. We basically resorted to screen capping everything we could get our hands on to try to ID them, and we’re still not 100% positive… but we have a theory. And since the boots were just recently ID’d on Coolspotters, I think it’s an opportune time for a discussion! :)

So, Alice’s boots were ID’d as the LD Tuttle “The Weave” boots… like the ones Bella wears in the same scene, but in brown. I actually thought these might be correct at first: they lace up, the height is about right, and the heel has a really specific curved shape. It would also make sense that Alice might have these boots, too: she basically bought Bella’s entire vamp wardrobe, so maybe she picked up a pair for herself as well.


These really look very similar! And it almost looks like Charlotte could be wearing them, too… but I later came across a behind-the-scenes segment for the battle scene stunt work, and I was able to get some better screen caps of her boots that showed a little more detail:

ImageImageAs you can see, these are very much not the LD Tuttles: the heel cuts in straight at the back instead of curving in, the seaming on the leather is different, the laces are different, and these only look like they have one layer instead of the two layers on the LD Tuttle boots. On a side note, Alice is wearing big socks/leg warmers over her leggings. :) But, anyway, the search was back on.

At this point, it shouldn’t be news that the starting point was a Google search for “Anthropologie brown boots.” Fortunately, that seemed to be a success, or at least get me very close. Again, I’m still not sure on these, but I came up with the Anthropologie Ally Booties, also called the Grafton Boots from H by Hudson.

ImageIt’s a really adorable fold over-style boot with vintage-look seaming that comes in a few colors. It’s also the most comfortable pair of heeled boots I own; I can walk around in them all day like I can in a pair of flat boots (yes, I went ahead and bought a pair, even if it turns out that they’re just a really good alternative).

So, now to make the case for and against these boots:


- This is an Anthropologie-retailed them, as is the case with most of Alice’s clothing.

- The heel shape is exactly the same.

- They both lace up and have the same number of lacing holes.

- The shaft height is similar.

- The seams match up upon ridiculously rigorous inspection.


- Alice’s look like they could be lighter in color, and H by Hudson did make the shoe in this color, not sold on Anthropologie’s website. Could the Ally booties have been a starting point, and then the costume designer searched for the boot from another retailer and found them in a different color?

- Alice’s shoelaces look lighter and are flat woven instead of round. Some of the other colors in this boot have flat laces and one pair looks exactly the same, so Alice could again be wearing this alternate color boot with the correct laces. Also, if the boots came from Anthropologie, laces break, especially during stunt work and the like, so production could have replaced the laces if they broke (or for aesthetic or functional reasons).


- Alice’s boots look like they have a shorter shaft height when the fold over part is flipped up. When I wear my boots this way the tongue falls short of the rest of the boot, unlike Alice’s. That’s not to say that wardrobe couldn’t have futzed with the shoes, i.e. cut off a little bit on the top to make them even with the tongue when worn not folded down. This theory is kind of a stretch, I realize, but not unfounded: they altered the shape of the collar on her Banana Republic leather jacket, too.

ImageIn conclusion: I’m still not sure on these, but they’re definitely closer than the LD Tuttles, if not an exact match. At this point, though, everyone at Alice Cullen Costuming has looked over these and searched everything we can think of to find a closer match (other styles from Anthropologie, H by Hudson, and LD Tuttle, other brands that Twilight characters have worn in the past, and every sort of brown heeled lace-up boot), and these boots are the closest we’ve found.

And now we’d all like to know what the rest of the Alice costuming realm of the Internet thinks: are these boots it? Has anyone else found anything closer? Does anyone have any alternate theories?

Cheers, guys! And thanks to Vee for letting me guest blog… my official debut :)

- Stacy

It’s silky, it’s pink, and it’s unspotted: it’s Alice’s robe from Breaking Dawn Part I.

You know the one I’m talking about. At the beginning of the film, an extremely nervous Bella is being perfected for her wedding, while Alice dotes on her and admonishes her not to ruin her makeup. Her immaculately-styled hair is pinned back from her face, diamond earrings dangle from her lobes, and she’s wrapped in a sweet pink confection as she puts the finishing touches on Bella’s makeup.


You’d think that something as simple as a robe would be easily identified, right? Wrong, apparently. So let’s get this baby on our radar!

Any ideas, ladies?


The Alice collective

If anyone was wondering, I do have more outfits to display from Stephenie Meyer Day, but I haven’t posted them yet for one simple reason: I’m waiting for better photos! Our amazing photographer, Lauren, is still editing our official shots, and I’ve decided to wait for them because I realized that I didn’t have any quality examples of some of my pieces.

With that being said, there is something I wanted to talk about specifically: the number of amazing Alice cosplayers I met at SMD – starting with my Twi-BFF, Anna!

ImageBelieve it or not, Anna and I met for the first time when she came to pick me up at the airport in Seattle. We began talking online just after the first Twilight film, so it was amazing to finally hang out with her in person and feel that instant connection you only get with really good friends. Unfortunately, she was one of the first people to head home after all of the SMD activities were finished, and I fully admit that I cried like a baby after she left. I love my Anna!


And here’s Anna proving why having other Alice friends is awesome: you get to borrow each other’s clothes. Here she is looking fierce in my C Keer Tatting Tank and Banana Republic leather jacket.

ImageAnd she returned the favour – I got to wear one of the holy grails of Alice costuming, the Michael Kors ombre driving coat, because she was gracious enough to lend me Alice’s Volterra outfit in its entirety.

ImageApart from Anna, who may or may not be my soulmate, I met a number of wonderful Alices that I’ve either talked to online or have interacted with in some way. First up is the amazing Holly, aka Mini Alice, who came all the way from the UK for SMD!

ImageDon’t you just want to smush her cute little face? I didn’t get to see as much of her as I wanted to, but every time I did, I wanted to hug her.

ImageWe decided to start a pole dancing company together… no big deal.

ImageHolly wore the Oleada dress to prom, whereas I opted for Alice’s Kate Moss sequin strand dress – and went all out with the look with finger waves and flapper headband.

Then there was the beautiful Monica, whom I met for the first time. She was dressed as Alice a few times throughout the weekend, – and she made the wig herself!

ImageShe even won the costume contest in the “Alice’s pick” category, wearing an unspotted dress that Alice wears in Breaking Dawn Part II! Also pictured: my amazing Jasper.

ImageThe beautiful Rosalie she’s pictured with is Brianne, who is so versatile that she was dressed as Rosalie, Bella, AND Alice throughout the weekend!

ImageBrianne has a number of awesome pieces, including the Rebecca Taylor dress!

ImageMini Alice made her return for this photo, proving that you can have three Alice cosplayers in one photo without anyone killing each other. Take note, Alice cosplayers with a “there can be only one” mentality – of which I’ve encountered more than my fair share.


Wait – what’s this? You can have FIVE Alice cosplayers in one picture without anyone killing each other? This must be a world record, ladies and gentlemen. I implore you to keep taking notes if you’ve ever thought, “I’m a much better Alice than her because [insert insecure and vague reason here].”

Since you already know Mini Alice and Monica, the other two lovely Alice cosplayers in the photo are Heather, who was adorable as Alice from when she met Jasper in the 1940s. Next to her is the lovely Victoria, who was a flapper-inspired Alice – and a late entry into our costume contest!

I just wanted to share these photos because all of these ladies were lovely, and meeting them was among my trip highlights. There was no jealousy, bitterness, or rivalry – just people with common interests, doing what they love.

And that’s what it should be about.


So, it’s become apparent that I can’t do a post a day… but damn it, I’m not changing the name of this series now.

Let’s go back to a classic: Alice’s Oleada dress by Diane von Furstenberg. It was the first Alice piece I ever owned – in a size 8! – although, luckily, I was able to finally trade for the right size before SMD.

ImageYou haven’t lived until Jasper and Alice have made crazy eyes at you.


Have you guessed yet that there’s a severe lack of good photos of me in this outfit? Our photographer is still processing them!


Accessorizing for this outfit was easy: the headband and bangles both came from Claire’s, while my cropped leggings were from Forever 21.

For those who are wondering, my shrug came from a shop on eBay, although I can never remember the brand name. Anna has the same one, however – perhaps she can shed some insight?



It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the outfit that Alice wears to school on the morning of Bella’s birthday. The Zara blue coat looks like an art student’s attempt at making their smock fashionable, and paired with the colourful scarf and arm warmers, I find the whole look to be a little overwhelming.

But you know what? It’s recognizable, which makes it a damn good costume. It’s also pretty warm, given all the layers, making it perfect for those cool, cloudy days in Forks.

I found the Zara smock on eBay UK for less than $12 USD after shipping, which is insane. The long sleeved shirt is Body Fit from the Gap, and the jeans are jeggings from American Eagle. Alice’s Portolano fingerless gloves can be found relatively cheaply on eBay. And, like the one that goes with the Michael Kors driving coat, the scarf was custom made by Ferry Creek Vintage. Although it has never been spotted, we know that the real scarf worn in the scene is a crinkle scarf by Banana Republic. However, the alt is amazing, and I’m always happy to support an independent artist.

ImageI’m not above taking selfies with Emmett.



Don’t tell Rosalie, but I’m totally Edward’s favourite sister


Also, one thing everyone needs to know about this coat is that it. Is. Huge. I know that that’s the style, but I do like my clothing to be a little bit more streamlined because I’m really slight of frame. Even with the alterations I had done to it, it still looks like it’s going to swallow me into some cloth-filled abyss.

Don’t tell it take me!


When the Olympic Coven got word that Stephenie Meyer was in town – and wanted to meet us, no less, according to the Forks Visitor Center – we were in the middle of an event. To be more specific, one minute we were celebrating Bella’s birthday with a special breakfast at JT’s Sweet Stuffs, and the next, we were cramming as many bodies we could into the few cars we had. Initially, we didn’t know where we were going or why; we thought we were in trouble, for some reason. But let’s be honest – news of Stephenie Meyer coming to town travels quickly, and it didn’t take long for us to figure out where we were going and why.

Commence fangirl freaking out and nearly crying.

Given that it was Bella’s birthday, I was wearing the Rebecca Taylor dress when I met Stephenie for the first time. We were ushered into the Visitor Center and arranged ourselves behind her while she was signing for other fans. When she turned around and saw us, the look on her face was priceless. She spent the next half hour asking us questions, providing her own answers to our questions, signing autographs, and taking photos.

I don’t get starstruck, given that I worked in film publicity for four years, but that was as close as I’ve ever come.

ImageJasper may not be smiling, but trust me – he was excited.

We took a photo with Stephenie’s lovely friend outside the Forks Visitor Center – her friends were amazing and so friendly

A photo of us outside the Visitor Center even made it into the Forks Forum!

I’ve loved the Rebecca Taylor dress since the moment I saw it, and I was lucky enough to find it on eBay in a size 4 for $120. Later, I traded for a smaller size with a generous friend. In these photos, you get a much better sense of the actual colour of the dress. It isn’t purple, like the filters in New Moon make it look, but rather a beautiful jewel tone that Rebecca Taylor calls “moon river.”

The wig I’m wearing is a human hair wig that I found on eBay and had cut by a professional stylist. Because it’s human hair, I’m able to style it myself with a regular flat iron. The layers that the stylist gave it means that, realistically, I could use it for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse Alice, depending on how it’s styled. As you can see, I chose a black wig because Alice’s hair is black in the books, but it comes in a variety of colours.

That’s all for now – with still a ton of outfits to go! What can I say? I’m a total prima donna.


Well, ladies, Stephenie Meyer Day has come and gone, and what an absolutely incredible experience it was! I was in Forks for six amazing days with my fellow cast members and some of my best friends in the world, and we made memories that I’ll never forget. And the absolute best part? Stephenie Meyer herself came on Friday, September 13 to celebrate her 10 year anniversary of writing Twilight.

That’s right – not only did Stephenie Meyer attend and spend several hours interacting with fans on the beach in La Push, as well as at the Forks Visitor Centre, but she loved the Olympic Coven, the group of official lookalikes I belong to. We were all floored, and extremely humbled, to be able to meet her, and her presence definitely made it the best Stephenie Meyer Day yet!

Since I have so many outfits I’ve never shown off here, I wanted to make one post a day dedicated to each outfit worn during SMD.


This entire outfit was borrowed from the lovely Anna, who played Alice Cullen during SMD 2011 and 2012. Thank you, Anna!

Anna found her Michael Kors ombre driving coat on eBay for an absolute steal, but if you’d like to purchase the custom scarf I’m wearing – Anna and I each have one – visit Ferry Creek Vintage.

Me with Stephenie

One of my favourite people from the weekend – the father of my new friend, Kels!

The cast with Stephenie on First Beach in La Push – we made s’mores after this was taken!

That’s all for now – with many more outfits to go!





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